Slovenia Coworking Initiative (English)

More and more people in our country and worldwide are self-employed or work in smaller businesses. For some individuals this is freedom of choice, but others are forced into it by the economic situation.

Projections show that the proportion of such economically active population will increase. Therefore it is necessary to think of ways to ensure optimal conditions for this segment of professionals to effectively exploit their potential and actively contribute to the economical rebound.

Slovenia Coworking initiative will strive for the promotion and popularization of coworking in Slovenia in the following ways:

– organizing events, workshops and trainings on the topic of coworking
– by building local coworking communities
– by establishing or consulting on setting up coworking spaces and other necessary coworking infrastructure in Slovenia
– by constructive networking of variety of key stakeholders: professionals / coworkers, corporations, state and non-governmental organizations and other interested individuals or groups
– with establishing international links with other associations and coworking spaces in Europe and worldwide (Coworking Visa project).

Slovenia Coworking initiative believes in:

– development of “open source” culture, in contrast to the previously closed and secretive corporate culture
collaborative individualism in contrast to the prevailing competitive individualism
interdisciplinarity over narrow specialization
action and active participation over passive observation and unfulfilling promises
– focus on the process and outcome rather than merely the result
– the importance of recognition and respect for individual contributions and work authorship
– potential of talented communities over individuality
spontaneity, friendship and trust


Slovenia Coworking is kindly inviting everyone, who would like to contribute to our cause or establish cooperation, to contact us:

Luka Piškorič,
Eva Perčič, 
Marko Orel,

You are welcome to join us @ Poligon Creative Centre, Tobačna ulica 5, Ljubljana, Slovenia